Wednesday, October 24, 2007

grace coddington

let's face it, the only saving grace of american vogue is grace coddington's dramatic fashion spreads she styles with all the good photographers. seriously, when the couture issue comes out, buy it! it's drool all over material. and the magazine costs half sometimes one third less than the magazines we all buy instead of groceries or bus tickets.


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berenice said...

I am not that much into fashion but I love photography, I subscribed to Vogue magazine recently because of the amazing photography... I also just watched the documentary The September Issue, and realized that ALL the good photos I always loved from Vogue are stylized by Grace Coddington, she is a genius indeed!! your post selection is lovely!! The subscription makes the magazine even cheaper, so now every year I will keep on subscribing, I hope Grace C. lives long and keeps on producing such beautiful shots!!