Tuesday, December 8, 2009


designers have always used fashion as a tool to sculpt and perfect our outer shell. there are few designers however who's fascination with what lies underneath our skin is as apparent as british designer katie eary. whose recent collection for spring/summer 2010 presented in london during the MAN show explored on the idea of "inner decay on the human body and its twisted beauty".
this translated into gauzy t-shirts printed with an anatomically correct diagram of the respiratory and digestive system caged by rib bones worn underneath metal works that covered the models' torsos resembling the human skeleton. macabre and slightly disturbing yes, but also extremely fascinating because of its originality.
as a woman who designs fashion for the other gender with a background that is heavily influenced by classic british tailoring and military uniform, eary brings to men's fashion what many of her male contemporaries fails to offer, a romantic fantasy that isn't suffocated by the rigorous rules attached to sartorial traditions that governs menswear.
underneath all the theatrics and shock value, there is above all a woman dedicated to her craft. much like a young galliano or mcqueen, the real testament to eary's talent is in her highly accomplished tailoring and her ability to easily adapt technique with her imagination. after only two collections, eary joins fellow MAN show presenters j.w. anderson and christopher shannon as the leading torchbearers of british men's fashion.

photo: catwalking.com

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Adora Mehitabel said...

great post, thank you! i am doing a fashion project inspired by skin and bones