Wednesday, July 22, 2009

handsome boy modeling school

every season there are always fresh new faces that breaks out out of the hundreds of models that swarm paris and milan during fashion week and out of the many a select few captures the attention of casting agents because those new crop of models perfectly epitomizes the current mood of designers and the current state of fashion. they crystalize, body and flesh, the idea of where male beauty stands at this specific point in time.
contrary to popular belief that models are merely beautiful (extraordinarily beautiful) clothes hanger, in fact they are probably entrusted with the most important job of give the clothes life. to give the garments movement. a relationship with the body that highlights its perfections, and masks its imperfections. avatars of what we aspire to be next season.
while the fashion pendulum is still swinging against the masculine ideas of the eighties and early nineties, these new crop of male models brings to the table what everyone came before them had, youthful virility. not in a physical, obvious way of rippling muscles and testosterone. it is something more about the idea of youth. of youthful dreams and wide eyed idealism. at once nostalgic for the past, and then brazenly excited for the future. it is romantic and dare i say even optimistic. everyone, especially these days can do with a little bit of youthful hope these new crop of boys represents.

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